Night Moves: An Audubon Article

This article by Paul Bogard, Spring 2021, discusses the billions of birds that fly north in the spring, some on an 8,000 mile trek. Imagine. 

Many fly in the dark, which most of us who belong to the forestry boards, already know.

Habitat destruction, collisions with buildings, declines in insect abundance—the threats to migrants are many, and the question has become: Can new tracking technologies help to unravel the mysteries of nocturnal migration while we still have time to preserve one of the world’s great natural wonders?

This is a time fraught with danger for migrating birds. The impact of climate change resulted in that the “peak migration in spring and fall came sooner and coincided with higher temperatures in the continental United States.” This disruption puts the migrants increasingly at risk, such as the lights of skyscrapers at night that confuse migrating birds, disorienting them, and causing their collisions with the buildings, killing them in billions of numbers.

Bogard’s is a detailed article well worth reading for those of us who consider how climate change affects our bird species and mother earth. 

If you have not watched “Winged Migration,” a film produced in 2001, it is breathtaking. It made my heart soar. The film, which covers bird migration all over the world, is more than ten times longer than this preview. 

You can rent the film online for a pittance if you have not seen it before.

Here’s the French Trailer with different scenes:

Sorting Chestnuts Seedlings for Distribution

On April 20th, 2021, the BCFB gathered to sort and bag four varieties of chestnut seedlings for distribution across the state. Click on this link to our American Chestnuts page to learn more about our mission. These images demonstrate the Board’s work to join with the American Chestnut Foundation in reinvigorating this magnificent tree species. (Hover cursor over the images to read the captions. Click on any image and forward the slide show by clicking on the back and forth arrows.)


Baltimore County Residents Meet More Than Double The Tree Planting Goal of 5,000 in One Year

Tree logoFound on the Towson Patch site:

“In a press release coinciding with Earth Week (April 20-22), Earth Day (April 22) and coming just ahead of Arbor Day (April 30), [Baltimore County Executive Johnny] Olszewski said more than 215 property owners had planted more than 11,000 trees since he announced a county-wide initiative to increase the county’s tree canopy last fall…”– Dan Shalin, Patch Staff, April 19, 2021 (You will need a free Patch subscription to read the full article.)

An increased tree canopy reduces stress and brings down summer air temperatures.”

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability will host a tree giveaway on April 30 and May 1, at the Center for Maryland Agricultural and Farm Park in Cockeysville, 1114 Shawan Road. Baltimore County residents only can order up to five trees at this website. A mere 250 trees remain for a giveaway.

Native Plant Webinar, April 18th

Wild Acres logThe Multi-Faith Alliance of Climate Stewards will partner with Envision Frederick for our next webinar called Wild-Scaping with Natives and will be presented by the very knowledgeable and excellent speaker, Kerry Wixted from Maryland DNR. She will identify her top ten natives species based on wildlife value and ease of planting. April 18 at 7:00 pm, 2021.

Click here to enter the Zoom. 

Tree-Mendous Maryland Programs

Tree-Mendous Maryland logo“…helping Maryland plant trees on public lands since 1989.”

TREE-MENDOUS MARYLAND, a program of the Maryland Forest Service, remains one of our most popular programs aimed at helping citizens restore tree cover on public land and community open space in Maryland. To date, we hav​e assisted more than 3,000 towns and communities, parks, and schools planting trees and shrubs to help clean the water, clean the air, and keep our towns and cities inviting, livable, and environmentally viable places to live.

Click here to learn more about the program on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Site .

Spring Open Space Guidebook

Spring is almost here, and it is time to get ready to get outside again and enjoy our green spaces! To help you with this, Neighbor Space has released The Open Space Guidebook Spring 2021!

Image of the Guidebook's cover by Neighbor Space

Your guide to managing open space inside Baltimore County’s Urban-Rural Demarcation Line just got even better. Introducing The Open Space Guidebook Spring 2021 Edition. (PDF document) The tool, originally released for the Fall of 2020 to help residents and organizations improve land in their communities, has now been through its first semi-annual touchup. Along with the small edits that were made throughout the guidebook, the funding sources were updated and the entire Scouts BSA contact list was updated as well. Additionally, purchasing your native plants/trees just became much easier with a revamped map and contact list focused specifically on native, non-wholesale options in the Baltimore Area. Most importantly though, a nonprofit section was added with a map for watershed groups, a chart of services provided and descriptions of twelve organizations, including seven new additions. For more information about the guide, click on this link.

Oregon Ridge Nature Center March 2021 Schedule

Oregon Ridge Nature Center’s March schedule is available on its Facebook page and website. Click on this link to view or download a PDF document of the schedule or see their Facebook Events page.  For a fuller view of Oregon Ridge Nature Center’s News and Events, click here to go to their website.

Image of the pdf document of scheduled March events.
Click on the links in this post to view all scheduled events.

Coming in 2024: Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience

Blending the Visionary and the Historic

Longwood Gardens is thrilled to share with you the most ambitious expansion, reimagination, and preservation of its Conservatory and surrounding landscape in a century. Through Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience, the organization will soon embark on a sweeping reimagination of 17 acres of Conservatory and grounds, resulting in stunning new buildings, wondrous new indoor and outdoor gardens, surprising new guest experiences, and much more.

Illustration of Longwood Garden Reimagined: A New Garden Experience
Longwood Garden Reimagined: A New Garden Experience

You are invited to learn more about an exciting new chapter and all its beautiful elements, from a new 32,000-square-foot glasshouse that appears to float on water … to a history-making relocation and preservation of one of the most prized gardens … to a remarkable new dining and event space overlooking an iconic Main Fountain Garden, all opening in fall 2024.

As the innovation is built, Longwood remains open throughout the project as a world apart filled with memorable moments and beautiful experiences. The grand Main Conservatory and East Conservatory display spaces remain open and ready to be explored and enjoyed with each changing season.

Longwood is honored to enhance, steward, and preserve one of the world’s most important, most beautiful collections of gardens and glasshouses … and invites you to learn more about Longwood Reimagined: A New Garden Experience along the way.

Backyard Buffer Seedling Giveaway!

image of baltimore county forestry board backyard buffer seedling giveawayReaders! It’s nearly spring and that time of the year again. Backyard Buffer Seedling Packets will soon be distributed to Baltimore County residents whose land is within 300′ of a body of water.  Seeds will be distributed at or around Earthday on April 22nd at the Cub Hill Ranger Station (see map and location in our sidebar).

The sets of seedlings include the following nine varieties: Common Ninebark, Persimmon, Redbud, Cherrybark Oak, Pin Oak, River Birch, Sycamore, White Oak, & Red Maple.

Seedlings Packets for 2021: Baltimore County will be giving out 3 of each of nine species in 37 packets of 27 seedlings that will be color coded for identification. If you are interested and qualify, the only way to obtain theses packets is to use the registration form in the link below. For more information about the seedlings, click on this link from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Hurry and register! We have only 37 packets this year. For directions for planting in a buffer zone within 300 feet of streams, download the small directions and reprint them. When printing them they will return to their full size format. 

Registration for orders are first-come, first-served until March 1st: Click on the following link to fill out the registration form: Baltimore County Backyard Buffer Seedlings

Pickup: at Cub Hill Ranger station around Earth Day (April 22 this year).


Free, Virtual Workshop

From the PGC Forestry Board Facebook Page: Looking for a way to learn about nature in a fun-filled, social-distanced way? Join the Prince George’s County Forestry Board on April 6 when MDNR’s Forestry Stewardship Coordinator will talk about the relationship of trees, water, animals and humans as well as forest bathing. Please call the number listed for information. The tiny URL does not work.

Image of poster for the virtual event
Register by April 2nd. Contact PGC Forestry Board at 240-601-2802.