Feeding Backyard Birds

Image of various common backyard birds in Maryland
Image © Maryland Department of Natural Resources

This post about backyard birds provides a PDF link to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources about common feeder birds, which might be of interest to readers who like to watch wildlife friends attracted to their feeders.

In her article on “Feeding Wild Birds – Maryland’s Wild Acres,” Kerry Wixted from the Wildlife and Heritage Service tells us that

In Maryland, the most productive time to hang up bird feeders is November through April when natural foods aren’t as readily available. During breeding season, over 90% of our songbirds feed their young insects. So, while feeders may still be used by adults, birds really need insects which can be attracted by planting native species. 

Wixted also discusses the importance of keeping the feeders clean and removing empty seed shells to prevent rot that would sicken the birds.

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