Backyard Buffer Seedling Giveaway!

image of baltimore county forestry board backyard buffer seedling giveawayReaders! It’s nearly spring and that time of the year again. Backyard Buffer Seedling Packets will soon be distributed to Baltimore County residents whose land is within 300′ of a body of water.  Seeds will be distributed at or around Earthday on April 22nd at the Cub Hill Ranger Station (see map and location in our sidebar).

The sets of seedlings include the following nine varieties: Common Ninebark, Persimmon, Redbud, Cherrybark Oak, Pin Oak, River Birch, Sycamore, White Oak, & Red Maple.

Seedlings Packets for 2021: Baltimore County will be giving out 3 of each of nine species in 37 packets of 27 seedlings that will be color coded for identification. If you are interested and qualify, the only way to obtain theses packets is to use the registration form in the link below. For more information about the seedlings, click on this link from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Hurry and register! We have only 37 packets this year. For directions for planting in a buffer zone within 300 feet of streams, download the small directions and reprint them. When printing them they will return to their full size format. 

Registration for orders are first-come, first-served until March 1st: Click on the following link to fill out the registration form: Baltimore County Backyard Buffer Seedlings

Pickup: at Cub Hill Ranger station around Earth Day (April 22 this year).