Big Trees

The Maryland Big Tree Program is associated with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service, which provides technical assistance when needed. The MBTP is sponsored by the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards, which provide major policy guidance. Mr. Bennett prepares a monthly report to the Cecil County Forestry Board, which includes number of trees measured each month, the number of miles traveled, expenses, and issues that have arisen. THIS IS A TOTALLY VOLUNTEER-BASED PROGRAM!

Click here to enter the MD Big Tree site to learn more about the program. You can find all the champion trees in Maryland under Tree Listings. Choose Baltimore (for Baltimore County) and scroll to #234 to view the Champion Eastern Cottonwood. This new, updated site (2021) includes comments, addresses, and whether the tree is privately owned or not. 

How to Measure a Big Tree Video, 2:19 minutes, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources