Night Moves: An Audubon Article

This article by Paul Bogard, Spring 2021, discusses the billions of birds that fly north in the spring, some on an 8,000 mile trek. Imagine. 

Many fly in the dark, which most of us who belong to the forestry boards, already know.

Habitat destruction, collisions with buildings, declines in insect abundance—the threats to migrants are many, and the question has become: Can new tracking technologies help to unravel the mysteries of nocturnal migration while we still have time to preserve one of the world’s great natural wonders?

This is a time fraught with danger for migrating birds. The impact of climate change resulted in that the “peak migration in spring and fall came sooner and coincided with higher temperatures in the continental United States.” This disruption puts the migrants increasingly at risk, such as the lights of skyscrapers at night that confuse migrating birds, disorienting them, and causing their collisions with the buildings, killing them in billions of numbers.

Bogard’s is a detailed article well worth reading for those of us who consider how climate change affects our bird species and mother earth. 

If you have not watched “Winged Migration,” a film produced in 2001, it is breathtaking. It made my heart soar. The film, which covers bird migration all over the world, is more than ten times longer than this preview. 

You can rent the film online for a pittance if you have not seen it before.

Here’s the French Trailer with different scenes:

Sorting Chestnuts Seedlings for Distribution

On April 20th, 2021, the BCFB gathered to sort and bag four varieties of chestnut seedlings for distribution across the state. Click on this link to our American Chestnuts page to learn more about our mission. These images demonstrate the Board’s work to join with the American Chestnut Foundation in reinvigorating this magnificent tree species. (Hover cursor over the images to read the captions. Click on any image and forward the slide show by clicking on the back and forth arrows.)


Baltimore County Residents Meet More Than Double The Tree Planting Goal of 5,000 in One Year

Tree logoFound on the Towson Patch site:

“In a press release coinciding with Earth Week (April 20-22), Earth Day (April 22) and coming just ahead of Arbor Day (April 30), [Baltimore County Executive Johnny] Olszewski said more than 215 property owners had planted more than 11,000 trees since he announced a county-wide initiative to increase the county’s tree canopy last fall…”– Dan Shalin, Patch Staff, April 19, 2021 (You will need a free Patch subscription to read the full article.)

An increased tree canopy reduces stress and brings down summer air temperatures.”

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability will host a tree giveaway on April 30 and May 1, at the Center for Maryland Agricultural and Farm Park in Cockeysville, 1114 Shawan Road. Baltimore County residents only can order up to five trees at this website. A mere 250 trees remain for a giveaway.