Native Plant Webinar, April 18th

Wild Acres logThe Multi-Faith Alliance of Climate Stewards will partner with Envision Frederick for our next webinar called Wild-Scaping with Natives and will be presented by the very knowledgeable and excellent speaker, Kerry Wixted from Maryland DNR. She will identify her top ten natives species based on wildlife value and ease of planting. April 18 at 7:00 pm, 2021.

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Tree-Mendous Maryland Programs

Tree-Mendous Maryland logo“…helping Maryland plant trees on public lands since 1989.”

TREE-MENDOUS MARYLAND, a program of the Maryland Forest Service, remains one of our most popular programs aimed at helping citizens restore tree cover on public land and community open space in Maryland. To date, we hav​e assisted more than 3,000 towns and communities, parks, and schools planting trees and shrubs to help clean the water, clean the air, and keep our towns and cities inviting, livable, and environmentally viable places to live.

Click here to learn more about the program on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Site .

Spring Open Space Guidebook

Spring is almost here, and it is time to get ready to get outside again and enjoy our green spaces! To help you with this, Neighbor Space has released The Open Space Guidebook Spring 2021!

Image of the Guidebook's cover by Neighbor Space

Your guide to managing open space inside Baltimore County’s Urban-Rural Demarcation Line just got even better. Introducing The Open Space Guidebook Spring 2021 Edition. (PDF document) The tool, originally released for the Fall of 2020 to help residents and organizations improve land in their communities, has now been through its first semi-annual touchup. Along with the small edits that were made throughout the guidebook, the funding sources were updated and the entire Scouts BSA contact list was updated as well. Additionally, purchasing your native plants/trees just became much easier with a revamped map and contact list focused specifically on native, non-wholesale options in the Baltimore Area. Most importantly though, a nonprofit section was added with a map for watershed groups, a chart of services provided and descriptions of twelve organizations, including seven new additions. For more information about the guide, click on this link.